At Isa, we promise to always be as open, transparent and honest as possible. Read more below about our policies below, including our disclosures.

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7 day lock

Every buy order is locked in for 7 days to limit panic selling and unfair price manipulation

0.5% max.

Nobody can buy more than 0.5% of the total supply of $ISA, including us (link below)

8% transaction tax made up of:

2% burn rate

The total supply of $ISA is always decreasing, automatically

2% rewards

Profit from holding. 2% rewarded back to holders with every transaction, proportional to your balance

2% liquidity pool

A small amount is added to the liquidity pool, which is 100% locked until 2026

2% marketing fee

A further 2% goes into the marketing fund. The link to this is below

This section contains technical information for those who are already familiar with trading cryptocurrencies.

Full Disclosure

Below are all the Isa team's wallets, links to audits & further liquidity pool information. Please verify all of the following information yourself for ultimate peace of mind. If you have any questions, contact the devs via Twitter or Telegram.