How Isa works

Tired of earning a paltry 0.06% APR on savings? Together, we plan to turn low interest fiat into something a bit more interesting, profitable & fun.

Buy some $ISA

Follow the instructions here if you're not sure how to complete the process of buying $ISA and starting your journey.

Hold for 7 days

Time to relax... and hold. Every time you buy $ISA, it is locked in, and cannot be swapped or sold for 7 days, regardless of price movement — we call it the end of the pump & dump.

Spread the word

The more people that know about Isa, the better. Meanwhile, as a holder, you're earning small rewards on every transaction.

Cash out

After 7 days, you can now swap or sell your $ISA — or if you prefer, continue to hold and be rewarded for doing so. It's entirely up to you.

Digital currencies like Isa can carry a high level of risk and the price can go up as well as down. We make no guarantees regarding future prices or earnings — read the disclaimer.