Thank you for your interest in helping to spread the word about Isa. It's quite important to follow these branding & asset guidelines as much as possible. In short, please do not re-color, distort or overlay the Isa logo or other branding assets. Please only use the official Isa colors if you're editing our logo. And finally in text, you should refer to us as either "Isa", "Isa Coin" or "$ISA".


The Isa logo is a wordmark, a stylized version of the word "Isa". The text within the logo is always written in lowercase — this is the only instance where it is written like this.

SVG icons + larger icons (.ai) coming soon!


Isa is pronounced "Ice-ah".


There are three main colors for the Isa brand identity: yellow, purple and off-black. Please be sure to use the same exact colors; for ease of use, here are the hex codes:


Avoid these:

Some examples of incorrect branding that you should avoid:

Incorrect background color - must be yellow or white.

Use only purple for text color in the logo

Do not modify the placement of the secondary text