Hi, we're Isa

Hi, we're Isa

The end of the pump & dump — no sells or swaps allowed for 7 days. Ready to meet the safer way to invest in crypto?

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What's great about $ISA?

Anti-whale contract

Every time you buy $ISA, it becomes locked and cannot be sold for 7 days. After that, it's entirely up to you. Continue to hold, or sell.

The law of 2s

Automatic 2% burn, 2% rewards for holders, and 2% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet. Holders choose where it gets spent.

A fair, smarter way

We created $ISA so that nobody can own more than 0.5% of the total supply — and yes, that includes the devs too. A fairer token for everyone.




For 6 years




Market cap

Looking to invest?

Tokenomics, with a twist 🍹

7 day lock

Every buy order is locked in for 7 days to prevent pump & dumps

0.5% max.

Nobody can buy more than 0.5% of the total supply of $ISA, including us

8% transaction tax made up of:

2% burn rate

The total supply of $ISA is always decreasing, automatically

2% rewards

Profit from holding. 2% rewarded back to holders with every transaction

2% liquidity pool

A small amount is added to the liquidity pool, which is 100% locked

2% marketing fee

A further 2% goes into the marketing fund. Read about our transparency ›

How buying Isa works:


Buy $ISA on your favorite DEX


It becomes locked for 7 days


Sell after 7 days, or keep holding

The world's first restricted-by-design smart contract. Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it also has cheaper gas fees versus many other tokens. Ready? Here's how to invest in Isa:

Step by step:
  1. Download the Trust Wallet app (iOS or Android)
  2. Purchase Smart Chain with your credit card
  3. Click the "DApps" button at the bottom, and find PancakeSwap.
  4. Click "Select a currency" and copy & paste our ISA token address below into the search field:
  5. Address
  6. Optional Before swapping, click on the icon & set the Slippage to between 10 - 14%. If the transaction fails, it's because you didn't do this.
  7. Now, choose the amount of ISA you want to purchase and press the 'Swap' button
  8. All done - you now own some ISA. Hold it for 7 days!

Our values

Nobody is perfect, but here at Isa we're trying something new and exciting.


We're proud of being open and straightforward. More importantly, we are here for the long-term, where others are planning a swift exit.

Honesty first

We're not a charity. We're here to make money — for you and us. But we live by the rules we set, and only own 0.5% of the supply too.

Market ready

Many cryptocurrencies fail because they don't have the marketing budget. With Isa, 2% of every transaction is spent on advertising, as chosen by holders.

Active devs

Chat directly with the devs on the official Isa Telegram or Discord. We're normal people too, not unreachable and distant like other crypto developers.

FAQs about Isa

Quite simply, Isa (ticker $ISA) is a novel new smart contract that actively prevents holders from selling their supply for 7 days after purchase. After 7 days has elapsed, holders can either sell, or continue to hold.

What's more, Isa was designed to limit the maximum supply in two ways: Firstly, nobody can own more than 0.5% of the total supply. Secondly, it's deflationary: that means the supply is always decreasing with every transaction (2% burn).

Here at Isa, we wanted to create a smart contract that doesn't allow rug pulls, doesn't allow pump & dumps and doesn't allow whales to easily manipulate the price.

By creating a smart contract this way, it is simply impossible for someone to buy and then, moments later, sell their holdings and crash the price in the process (the classic 'pump & dump'). What's more, no single wallet can own more than 0.5% of the total supply either. We're all in this together, including the devs.

Isa is the first smart contract that doesn't just discourage this behavior, it actively prevents it. A 7 day lock-in period means that once someone has bought in, they cannot "panic sell" — regardless of which way the price moves.

You can, but only after 7 days. During the initial 7 day lock period, any sell or swap orders will fail. After that, you can sell or swap as you please.

Note that each 7 day timelock is for each buy transaction, and does not re-lock any previously unlocked supply. In other words, if you buy 10,000 $ISA today and another 20,000 $ISA tomorrow, you will be able to sell the first batch in 7 days, and the second batch in 8 days (7+1).

You can sell or swap rewards at any time.

Isa has an 8% transaction tax, and a quarter of that figure (2%) is rewarded back proportionally to all existing holders. These are called 'rewards' and they are NOT locked in for 7 days, unlike regular 'buy' transactions, so can be withdrawn whenever you wish.

Although you cannot sell your $ISA until 7 days has passed, you can sell any holding rewards that you have received, at any time. These rewards are not locked in. Check the PooCoin chart and note smaller SELL transactions appearing — try it yourself if you're already a holder. We specifically created this function to demonstrate that selling is possible — just not for all your funds during the initial timelock.

If you're still conerned that Isa is a honeypot scam, please check out our test transactions on the Ropsten & BscScan Testnet respectively; you can see many completed SELL orders appearing after 7 days. Feel free to run a diff of this against the mainnet contract code, it's 100% identical.

Ultimately $ISA wouldn't be a very good honeypot scam or rug — because the devs cannot sell for 7 days, only own ‹0.5% of the supply, and the liquidity pool (LP) is 100% locked with DxSale for 5 years.

For more information, please read the Transparency page.

Every time you buy $ISA, that amount then becomes locked for a fixed period of 7 (seven) days from when you bought it. After 7 days, you can sell it, if you want to. But if you try to sell or swap it during the initial 7 day period, it will throw an error and prevent you from doing so.

Confused? Here's an example: If you buy some $ISA today, and more $ISA tomorrow, you will be able to sell/swap the first amount after 7 days, and the second amount after 8 days.

A further 2% of each transaction is retained, which is sent to the Isa marketing wallet. The funds in the marketing wallet are spent (only) on advertising Isa.

For any digital currency, advertising is very important: it brings in new interest & holders. Some companies spend half of their revenue on advertising. For example, did you know that ~42% of mattress seller Casper's revenue is spent on advertising? While we certainly aren't proposing a 42% marketing tax, you get the idea: whether it's a physical product like a mattress or a digital asset like a cryptocurrency, the more that is spent on advertising, the higher the chances of success. Every time you buy or sell $ISA, you are effectively funding its growth.

Each transaction has an 8% transaction tax, which comprises:

Each buy transaction is locked for 7 days, plus no single wallet can own more than 0.5% of the total supply.

For more information on tokenomics and transparency, please read this.

If you're still unsure, then join us on Reddit or Telegram for help & guidance.

Many cryptocurrencies & tokens that have launched lately have one big drawback: a lot of the supply is owned by a small number of accounts. In some cases, tokens where 40% of the total supply is owned by one person are not uncommon. Here at Isa we don't think this is fair or right, so decided to limit the maximum amount of $ISA that any wallet can own, to an absolute maximum of 0.5%. By setting this limit, it becomes harder for 'whales' to accumulate large amounts of the total supply and manipulate prices.


Also called BSC or Binance Smart Chain. "Smart Chain" is a cryptocurrency/token that you need to buy first, to be able to swap it for $ISA. You can swap it on a DEX.

DEX stands for Decentralized EXchange. It's a cryptocurrency exchange website (or app), such as PancakeSwap, that allows you to buy and swap around cryptocurrencies for one another. PancakeSwap is our preferred DEX; here you can buy Smart Chain and convert it into $ISA or vice versa.

Liquidity is easy to understand once you realize that cryptocurrencies require 'real' money behind them to be able to convert into cash ($). For example: you have 1 Bitcoin, let's say it is worth $25,000. To be able to convert that Bitcoin (BTC) into cash (USD), there has to be enough liquidity e.g. enough money in the pot. If there is not enough liquidity, then it will not be possible to convert it all into cash. Think of liquidity like a piggy bank or pool of money.

BEP-20 is a 'token standard' that runs on Binance Smart Chain or BSC (see above). Think of it a bit like Visa & Mastercard - both have different pros and cons. There are several different token standards around; for example there is also one called "ERC-20".

$ISA uses BEP-20 because it has very low 'gas' or network fees, plus the network is very fast. Other token standards, such as ERC-20, can be slower and more expensive to use — so we decided that BEP-20 is a better choice.

Quite often, before a cryptocurrency launches on the wider market (e.g. on a DEX), the owners will give away very cheap or free tokens to those interested, in order to generate interest & hype. This is called a 'pre-release'. At Isa, we don't believe this is a fair approach and there was no pre-release with $ISA. We "fair launched" — meaning we did not give out any free $ISA to anyone.

Burn, sometimes also called "coin burn", means effectively destroying some of the supply of the cryptocurrency (on purpose). It is done to reduce the available supply - and therefore increase the price. As something becomes scarcer, it usually becomes more valuable, and that's the idea behind coin burning. Isa has an automatic 2% burn on every transaction, meaning the supply of $ISA decreases whenever anyone buys or sells it.

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